Together with Society

Shared Growth with Stakeholders

SK Innovation has broadened the definition of its stakeholders and looks to enhance their happiness, sharing growth through various efforts. The company will build a sustainable supply chain based on stringent ESG management over suppliers and increase CSR programs to foster a business environment promoting co-prosperity with local communities. Furthermore, we will take the lead in creating a green ecosystem, discovering and collaborating with green technology startups to address ever-deteriorating environmental issues, such as climate change and waste plastic.

Partnership for Green Ecosystem

Cultivation of 100 environmental startups in total

It takes collective efforts and cooperation across society to resolve environmental pollution and make a transition to a clean society. Knowing that, SK Innovation is seeking to create a green ecosystem where it works with the government and various stakeholders to select and develop promising startups with green solutions as partners to address environmental issues together. Thus, SK Innovation launched “EGG”, a project to support environmental startups, and discovered 20 promising startups in 2021. Ever since, we have supported around 20 startups every year and aim to bring the total number of startups we support to 100 by 2025.

2025 Mid-to-long term Roadmap
Nurturing 100 Environmental Startups
SK Innovation
·Selection and training
·Supporting collaboration with major subsidiaries
·Investments as necessary
· Ministry of SMEs and Startups (KISED)
· Korea Institute of Maritime Science Technology Promotion

Impact fund
· Investment review and commercialization support

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